Monday, July 30, 2012

High-neck Halter Style Is in the Trend

Hello guys, Happy Tuesday! Sorry for the delay of the post, I hope you would allow me to take a short breakJ

Let’s come to today’s topic: the high neck halter. Perhaps in the impression of most people, the deep v-necklines are much more sexier than high collar styles. I also tend to think so. However, after I see some of the high neck halter look from some celebrities, I change my mind. You can never imagine how sexy chic it looks until you try it yourself.

If you do not believe that this style can create such a magic, you can check some of the celebrity’s look first. Naturally, the always stylish Kruger makes a look with a high neck halter at the UNICEF ball in Beverly Hills. The layered look balances the conservative, high neckline of the top with the slightly sheer underskirt and long skirt creates the equal parts chic and darling.

Following the fashion is the Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel. She turned up with a stunning royal blue dress in semi-sheer design. Besides, the high neckline halter with column silhouette elongates her figure perfectly for a very flattering result.

The high-neck halter works just as well with shorter hemlines too as besides the long ones above. Let’s look at Bosworth’s look: the delicate neckline highlights her long and beautiful neck perfectly, while the below-the-knee hemline keeps the piece fun and youthful. Do you like the look?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romantic Pink Sareh Nouri Bridal Gown

Hello guys, I have carried on the fashion topic in consecutive days. Cathy sincerely hopes that you may like the stuffs that I shared. Let’s move our focus onto the wedding fashion. I have been a little missed this field already! And I cannot help sharing with you all.

Founded on Weddingchicks, today the collection is from Sareh Nouri. Surely it will make you ooh and aww when you see it. How can they attract you, because they are beautiful, romantic, and feminine. The Sareh Nouri couture designs include luxurious and fine French lace and Italian silk and handmade production. The fine material ensures its quality, and the handmade production makes the detail perfect! So no matter you like tradition or modern, you can always find a gorgeous piece here.

In their new collection, there is a pink gown that especially stunning and popular! The pastel pink color well shows off the romantic and sweet touch. The pleated sweetheart neckline flatters almost every kind of figure. The spotlight of the dress is the amazingly beautiful 3-D rose flowers scattered on the skirt. Just gorgeous! Take a look at the romantic pink bridal gown with floral skirt. Photographed by Moshe Zusman.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taylor Swift’s Fresh Summer Look

Happy Wednesday! It is the middle of the week now, keep going and the weekend will come soon. To begin the post, I would still love to remind you all to take care of yourselves in the summer heat. Always remember to keep cool.

As you may know, that in the summer days, the light fabric and light color can be helpful to keep cool. The popular female singer Taylor Swift recently attended the Teen Choice Award 2012 and she brings a fresh white yet fashion look to the ceremony.

Unlike her “sequin and sparkles” style in the previous time, this time she committed to the “neutrals only” style. For this summer-centric award show, Taylor chose a cream Maria Lucia Hohan dress.

The silk dress is delicate and soft with illusion shoulder straps. The spotlight of the dress is that it reveals an interesting low back with illusion detailing. The dress can not suit the summer any more. Soft in material, light in color and fashion in design, it is just perfect!

Meanwhile, her wavy lock was styled into a chic chignon with a beautiful brooch detail. This hairstyle contributes to her fresh summer look! Do you like Taylor Swift’s look?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fresh & Elegant Louise Della

Hello lovelies! Really hot summer days here. Cathy would like to kindly remind you all to keep cool in the hot days and always take careJ

Let’s come to today’s topic. Today I found a collection of fresh and elegant apparel in I love it so much and as you may know, I am always generous to share good stuffs with others instead of keep it to my ownJ

The Louise Della is a charming and colorful boutique in Paris. It is a welcoming place where you can tempt to buy everything. The designer of Louise Della is label Blandine. She is a very charming woman. What I admire her most is her concentration on the work and the fashion career. She said in the interview that she need to be alone much of the day otherwise she maybe distracted by other’s presence.

When comes to the question of elegance, she also has her own interpretation. She thinks that elegance means being natural, feeling beautiful from inside and knowing how wear a garment, to ensure that the silhouette is highlighting even if the garment in question is somehow eccentric. Elegance is also a question of voice, posture, and how you smile. How well said!

Take a look at some of Louise Della designs.

Photographer:Louise Della's collection (c)Cecile de Corniquet

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Add Aqua Colors to Wardrobe

Happy Friday! The five days work finally comes to an end and the weekend is coming! I guess most of you would be in a light mood as me. So how about talk about some fashion style that is happy and delightful?

The summer season is always a season for the beach and sea. A lot of people would plan a summer holiday on the beach. So sometimes the time on the beach is always meant happy and fun. Thus the aqua colors which symbolize the sea and beach are very popular for the summer season.

It would be great if you add your wardrobe with some fantastic aqua colors inspired from the ocean. The subdued hues of turquoise will make you dream of the crystal clear water in the Aegean Sea. Besides, the color shades that are a little darker with a hint of green will you on a journey to the Nordic waters.

However, if you just did not satisfy with this, you can add some different shades of aqua colors no matter with the garment or accessory. In sum, you would be an aqua goddess in it!

Check some of the most popular aqua colored items this season!

                                                   Blue silk 'Audrey' Dress

                Turquoise washed-silk sleeveless dress with a knot detail at one shoulder.

                                          Blue floral mesh back maxi dress

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trendy Accessory: Cap-toe Shoes

Hello dear friends! A good day to you! Cathy would like to share all about fashion, wedding and the beautiful things in life with you all. And I am doing the blog towards this. However, there is still more to be included in the blog for fashion and other aspects. For example, I found in the blog, I did not cover about heels before. So today let’s talk about it.

There is a kind of trend that will spread like a wildfire the minute when they hit the runways. And the trend we are going to share today is under this category: cap-toe shoes.

As introduced in the fashion blog whowhatwear the cap-tope shoes is a a far cry from the classic cap-toes of Coco Chanel's era—the storied designer created the first pair in 1957—current interpretations of these chic, toe-dipped shoes manage to be both ladylike and subtly edgy, and feature everything from of-the-moment contrasting color combos to modern textures.

The cape-toe shoes have been spotted in countless spring collections including Louis Vuitton and the like. Meanwhile, with the influence of trendsetters like Alexa Chung, Solange Knowles and the etc, the cap-toe shoes would be the perfect footnote to your looks this summer!

 (Photos: Getty Images,, WireImage)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Three Brilliant Ways to Dress Up the Up-dos

Hello Friends! It is the start of the new week, be happy and make a good start! The last two post are featured in pastel wedding dress and boho-chic Otaduy wedding dress. And today let’s change the topic into hairstyle!

Fashion and beauty just included so many aspects. And of course the hairstyle is an important aspect. In the summer days, I guess most girls would up-do the hair, weather with a bun or braid. And I found 3 brilliant ways to dress up the up-dos on refinery29. Let’s check it,

Ways one: Flower girl
There would be nothing more romantic and ethereal about wearing flowers in the hair. In making the look, the hairstylist Brown went a bit crazy with the blooms to create a multi-colored wreath woven into a milkmaid braid. “Everyone loves flowers,” he says, “they are fresh, smell good, and bring a kind of sentiment.”

                                                Photographed by Aaron Richter

Ways two: Heavy Metal
Adorn the ‘do with a statement-making necklace is pretty. Brown describes this look as playful and great for summer because hair is up off the face, but still makes a strong visual look.. When comes to the question, why it is so popular? Brown explained that girls love looking like a princess. 

                                   Photographed by Aaron Richter
Ways three: Off the cuff

Take the top knot to new heights by adding on bracelets, bangles, and cuffs as accents. Brown says that he loves this look for summer because it keeps the hair away from the face, plus it’s strong, cool and easy to do.

                                              Photographed by Aaron Richter

Which ways do you like to dress up you up-do? Welcome to share with me.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ethereal Boho-chic Otaduy Collection

Happy Friday dear friends! Let’s keep on with the topic yesterday: the wedding dress! As you may know that to put on a beautiful dress on the big day is the dream that shared by almost every girl. So wedding dress is always a popular topic among girls.

The last post is about pastel wedding dress. Do you like it? And today I would like to share the chic boho style wedding dress from Otaduy. The Italian fashion designer Carolina Otaduy launched her own wedding dress company Otaduy. And she brought her loved boho-chic collection to us.

Currently this collection are designed and manufactured in Barcelona. The Otaduy wedding dresses tend to have an ethereal feel. However, unlike some other haute couture, the dresses have a kind of simplicity which allows the brides to make it her very own. Carolina said that she wishes the brides wear her dress can also combined with a pair of boots or a simply flower crown in the hair and etc. Each piece of the dress may be different in style and feel, however this is a common theme for the whole collection that is the bride can combine it with other accessories to make her specific style. The bride is the heroine on the big day and she plays the rules!

In order to creat the airy feeling, the collection makes use of silk and crepe and other soft materials. The fine material and delicate design can give a folky-vintage look to bride likes the boho style. If you are also the bride loves the style, then do not miss the Otaduy collection!

(images from weddingchicks and dresses via Otaduy)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dreamy Pastel Bridal Dresses

Hello dear friends! It has been long time since I did not share wedding gowns with you all. I have been engaged in sharing some fashion tips for summer these days. However, as you can find in my profile that cathy loves fashion and romantic stuffs. So today I would share some wedding gowns with you all.

Actually, in the previous posts, I have shard about Pronovias & Zuhair Murad series. Today the dresses are not from one specific designer or band, rather they settled together for a common theme: pastel! I come across it on Brides and I can not help sharing with you all!

The pastel hue is just pretty and soft. Pink, peach, pale blue are for your choice. Besides the tulle material also contribute to tenderness of the dress. It is just so dreamy and the love for it is beyond words. Would you consider having a pastel dress instead of a traditional white one? Even if you do not want to break the traditional rule, and follow the main stream, it is okay to just enjoy the dreamy pastel shoot.

Pale peach tulle-and-tafefta ball gown by Peter Langner

Sherbet tulle ball gown by Lazaro

Shell crystal-embellished gown by Liancarlo, glacier taffeta mermaid gown by Alfred Angelo, and soft blush mermaid gown by Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld

 {Images via Brides; photos by Sandra Freij}

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Get Ready for the Beach

Summer has been officially here ever after the summer solstice in June. In recent days it has been increasing hot. Are you going to have a vacation this summer? And are you ready for the beach? Hmm… I guess all these have been long waited right?

In order to make the time on the beach perfect, it would be important to find yourself a perfect suit of bikini. If you are not sure about the style to follow, you can refer the celebrity bikini fashion that I shared before. lol.

However, even you found the perfect bathing suit, there are still some other accessories that you may need to perfect your summer beach time. As we may know, the time on beach is always meant to be relaxing and free. But this does not mean that the style has to compromise. A hat that protects your face from the sun, a pair of sunglasses, a convenient beach dress to wear, a pair of stylish beach sandals, oh and a cool beach bag. These things above may just be the items you need!

beach fashion

Just take a look at the combination in the picture: Peach Net Halter Cover Up, Mint Step Hem Floral Cover Up, Daisy Print Wide Brim Hat, Round Color Block Sunglasses, T-sandal in beige, River Island Zig Zag Beach Bag just perfect! Get yourself ready for the beach with items like these!
(please note that the picture in the post are from:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Protect Yourself with Fabulous Summer Hat

Happy Monday! It has been increasing hot here. Summer is server. In dealing with such a hot weather we need to consider some methods to protect ourselves from harsh sun rays. The high SPF sun cream, oversized sunglasses, sun umbrella are necessary for the summer season!

One more thing to consider is the summer hat! The sun-shielding item is chic. It can not only protect our skin and lock from damage, but they can also create fabulous look when combined with other summer necessary for example: sunglasses and the like.

As for the style of the hats, there are also lots of choices. From wide-brimmed toppers to jaunty fedoras, there would be a style to suit every taste. We've also noticed quite a few style-minded celebrities performing hat tricks these days. Both Chloe Sevigny and Anne Hathaway wore classic toppers while on vacation in Miami Beach.

If you are also wanna to seek for the practical and fashionable item for this summer, do not hesitate to add it to your summer collection this year!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Patriotic Fashion Style in July

Hello dear readers! Sorry for the late posts. I did not feel very well, and so there has been days since I did not update. Hope you do not mind it and always like the blogJ

Yesterday was the July 4th, how was your holiday this year? Got any fun? For better and accurate explaining the day, I refer the wikipiedia especially. The Fourth of July is also known as the Independence Day. It is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 declaring independence from the kingdom of Great Britain.

The Independence Day always come along with fireworks, parades, carnivals, family reunions, political speeches and etc. And in recent days, the fashion followers also celebrate the day with specific patriotic touch combined with fashion style!

The red, white, and blue are the most common colors that can be seen in this patriotic fashion style. As you may know there are the colors of American flags. Meanwhile, for the print, stars, stripes are very popular.

Although the day has been past, I would like to say a late happy July 4th day with you all. And hope you enjoyed the day, and the unique patriotic fashion style!

  (Love this shoot so much found on

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blair Waldor’s Headband Style

Hello lovelies! It is the start of the new week and it is the first post in July! Fine! Cathy invites you all to continue supporting the blog. Meanwhile, I will dedicate myself to sharing wonderful information about wedding, fashion and more!

In the previous post, I shared you about Blake Lively’s great style with Zuhair Murad gown. Today, I will show you another Gossip Girl: Blair Waldor!

She has the temperament like the princess, the queen of momentum. She has the thought, taste and super specificity. She is very elegant and never started. She always pursue perfection and maintain a perfect. She is always positive, don't let others down. She scores perennial first, speaks French fluently. She is clever and confident. She doesn't let anyone saw her tears, she did not rare anyone help. She is so stronger competitive. She has strong self-control, and can always control her behavior and mood. And she is Blair Waldor!

In the Tv series, she made a style quickly into trend that is the headband. She presents many fashion icon style with a tiny weapon: the headband. Weather you got short hair,or long hair or up-dos, learn from Blair Waldor to get quick embellishemnt to enhace your whole fashion level. Check her styles with headhand below!

                 B with a Silk bow headband by Susan Daniels

                B with a Neon orchid headband by Jennifer Behr

               B wears Jennifer Ouellette skinny headband

           Double rosette headwrap matches her white dress well

                Shiny velvet headband by Susan Daniels