Monday, July 30, 2012

High-neck Halter Style Is in the Trend

Hello guys, Happy Tuesday! Sorry for the delay of the post, I hope you would allow me to take a short breakJ

Let’s come to today’s topic: the high neck halter. Perhaps in the impression of most people, the deep v-necklines are much more sexier than high collar styles. I also tend to think so. However, after I see some of the high neck halter look from some celebrities, I change my mind. You can never imagine how sexy chic it looks until you try it yourself.

If you do not believe that this style can create such a magic, you can check some of the celebrity’s look first. Naturally, the always stylish Kruger makes a look with a high neck halter at the UNICEF ball in Beverly Hills. The layered look balances the conservative, high neckline of the top with the slightly sheer underskirt and long skirt creates the equal parts chic and darling.

Following the fashion is the Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel. She turned up with a stunning royal blue dress in semi-sheer design. Besides, the high neckline halter with column silhouette elongates her figure perfectly for a very flattering result.

The high-neck halter works just as well with shorter hemlines too as besides the long ones above. Let’s look at Bosworth’s look: the delicate neckline highlights her long and beautiful neck perfectly, while the below-the-knee hemline keeps the piece fun and youthful. Do you like the look?

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