Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The 2013 Couture Collection of Pronovias

As a bridal fashion follower, there would be no one who does not hear about Pronovias. Perphaps, some may be the big fan of it. Pronovias was popularly known for its luxurious, elegant and sophisticated bridal gowns.

A few days ago, Pronovias revealed its 2013 spring collection. Again it wowed the crowd with their gorgeous gowns which are made from luxurious fabrics such as stain, lace, tulle, feathers and so on. Every detail on the dress just contributes to the amazing look and feel of the dress.

As for me, I am particular in love with the couture collection. Romantic & classic details abound, such as veils with matching embroidery, generous trains and corset-type bodices that skin the female form as though custom made, as well as skirts with numerous layers adorned with flower and feather appliqu├ęs. It would be no doubt that they are going to be lots of brides’ favorite.

Join me and just enjoy the 2013 couture collection of Pronovias.

Pronovias 2013 couture collection
Pronovias 2013 couture collection

Pronovias 2013 couture collection

Pronovias 2013 couture collection
Pronovias 2013 couture collection
Pronovias 2013 couture collection
Pronovias 2013 couture collection
Pronovias 2013 couture collection

(The pictures in the post are from:http://www.pronovias.com/)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Unique and Romantic Fireman Wedding Photography That Hits the Net

What kind of wedding photography do you think is the most beautiful? Fashion? Classic? Vintage? Or luxurious? On May 23th a newly married couple in Chengdu China showed their wedding photography. And soon it rocked the internet. What’s it that can be so popular?

The hero of the wedding photography is a fireman in Chengdu. He chose to shot his wedding photography in the fire base. In the shot, various fire-fighting equipments, firemen colleagues, lovely rescue dogs contribute a lot. Set off by the unique fire characters, the bride is even more pretty and beautiful.

The netizens vigorously discussed the set of wedding photography. They all praise for this kind of wedding shot. And they said that this is so different from the all in the same key wedding photography from the wedding photography studio. And some people even shows that they also wanna make such an wedding photography which would be memorable and romantic forever.

As for the heroine of the shot, the brides said that this is the very first time she saw her husband do something romantic. And it will be unforgettable in lifetime. Let’s enjoy the romantic fireman wedding show!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fan Bingbing’s Classic Looks on Red Carpet

On May 18 2012, the 65th Cannes International Film Festival was hold in a southern France coastal city Cannes. During the film panorama, 91 films from more than 30 countries will be showed. Unlike other film festival, the red carpet at the Cannes film festival is more attractive, because the stars will wear the latest dress to show on the red carpet. There are also lots of young people who dream to be a star will also come to the town waiting for the discovery by a talent scout.

In such occasion, the red carpet show is always the most expecting. The reason is simple, the stars will show on it. This year, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing shines on the red carpet with a china porcelain styled dress. In order to match the dress she chose a vintage Tang dynasty
Hairstyle and stunning orange lip color. The complete look makes she extremely stunning on the red carpet among so many others stars.

To the very matter of fact, Fan always try to display Chinese style in lots of occasion. We can see that she committed herself to promote Chinese culture. Let’s take a view at some of classic look on red carpet.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Top Toppers that Kate Middleton Shows

As a fashion follower, you must never forget the topper. It is an important access to fashion. A proper choice of topper will greatly enhance your whole look and the up your style! This is not exaggerated, I promise.

It seems that the top enjoys a long history, it can act as an ornament, as well as practical function: protect from the sun. The top fashion trend setters, the upper classes in United Kingdom and countries alike all like to use toppers very much.

The princess Kate Middleton just loves it. And let’s have a look at some of her best looks with topper.

She impressed revelers in Wiltshire, England, with her cream-and-brown fascinator.

Middleton chose an elegant but understated Philip Treacy topper to celebrate William's graduation from Sandhurst Military Academy.

Her blue-and-ivory ensemble with a coordinated floral hat.

Black and white saucer-shaped hat.

Brightly-red-colored fascinator and matching dress.

Likes her style very much.How about you? Which topper do you like most?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Strawberry Adores the Wedding

Hello lovies, happy Thurday! Do you ever feel a little dizzy in the afternoon of the early summer? Hey, then join us to to have something lovely and fresh.

Probably there would no girl who does not love strawberry. Just the color and the appearance of the strawberry will make people love it, let alone the yummy sweet taste. Then how about add the strawberry theme to the wedding?

The garden bridal shower idea was designed by Wedding Events Design.And I found these cute set of pictures from weddingchicks. You see, in order to well match the theme of the wedding, the bride wears a pink ombre dress with a stunning red belt to emphasize it. Also the red pump is very stunning. There are many strawberry details in the wedding: the bride’s necklace with strawberry ornament, the drink, the name board of the bride and the groom, and the wedding cake! How delightful!

Oh, just can not help falling in love with it. How do you find of it? Would you like to try this theme for your wedding?

(Please be noted: the pictures in the article are from:weddingchicks.com  thank you)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zuhair Murad Spring & Summer 2012 Wedding Dresses

Stylist Zuhair Murad comes from Beirut, Lebanon. For Zuhair Murad, his career starts from his childhood hobby-drawing on the wall and on the canvas. Zuhair Murad once said: “when I was a child, I like my imagination for customers with my own design. Lebanon enjoys bright history and it is famous for its complicated and exquisite handicraft. All these precious cultures all contribute me to indulge in luxury and design work.”

Zuhair Murad is very active in fashion Lord shows-Paris, and also he is a leading figure of the Lebanon fashion design group. Zuhair Murad is regarded to initiate modern the "extravagant dress". Elegant and luxurious baroque style is considered as Zuhair Murad’s characters. "Elegant" lies in its design, on the line of concise clipping gentle, "costly" of Arab descent, the necessity, the use of the fabric and accessories set do costly, pursue perfection.

Let’s have a show of Zuhair Murad Spring & Summer 2012 wedding dress. While enjoy the grand show, we can also get closer to Zuhair Murad.

Monday, May 14, 2012

It Girl Alexa Chung and Her Style

If you are a fashion follower, you must heard about “it girl.” Generaly "It girl" is a term for a young woman who possesses the quality "It", absolute attraction. In Britain, there is even a fashion award with the name “It girl”. And in 2011 the best red carpet fashion award was won by Alexa Chung.

Ever since then, Alexa Chung has lead a new trend that not fade. She just has ordinary life and did not obsessed with luxury items. Rather, she favors H&M, topshop products very much. People love her mystery look, and her style. You know, that all she prefers dark colors and cool neutral style. But she is just charming!!!

Take a look at some of her sweet looks and get inspiration

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Add a Little More Flower Touch to Wedding

Flowers are always beautiful and tender.So it can be find that flowers are always applied in the wedding ceremony.One of the most important employments in wedding is the bouquet. However, the flowers can be far more applied in the wedding decoration.

Check some of the great flower decorations for wedding from Brides! And get some inspiration for you own upcoming wedding!

1.pink+puprle decorates the chair

2.A curtain of orchid-and-crystal garlands hung around their altar.

 3.Green paper lanterns+ yellow centerpiece

4.Purple carnival chandelier to welcome the guest

There are surely more great ideas to decorate your wedding by using flowers.Keep tuned with us, we will share you more in the future. And welcome to share with us which flower decoration do you like most from the above?