Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blake Lively Shows Hollywood Glamour with Zuhair Murad

The Tv series Gossip Girl hitted the screen ever since it began broadcasted. And I guess that most people would get to know the fashion girl: Blake Lively! 

Actually, it has been for months since she officially appeared on the red carpet. While at the appearance, she made a stunning fashion statement with a Zuhair Murad 2012 nude strapless gown with intricate black beaded embroidered detail. (If you remember well, you can find that I had introduced Zuhair Murad 2012 S/S wedding dress in the previous post. Or if you want to re-read it you can check it here.)

The look of Blake Lively is of great sexy and Hollywood glamour. The dress greatly flatters her slim figure, while her stunning red lip matches her nail well. Besides, her blonde wavy swept her shoulder completed the whole look! The Zuhair Murad’s sexy gowns and Blake’s smoking hot body is just a winning combination!!! Do you like blake lively’s look? Welcome to share with me. I am pleased to hear from you.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Sweet Wedding Shoot of A Friend

Hello lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I got good news to share with you. One of my best friends is engaged and going to have their wedding ceremony this October! Congratulations! I really feel glad about their good news. Hope they can make a sweet and happy marriage life.

And also I got the good news number 2. Their wedding photography is done. And she shared with me!!! Very beautiful shoots! So again I got the new and original element to share with you all.

Actually, they are very lucky to take the shoot in the spring season when flowers are in blossom. So you can find that are many flower elements in the set of the photography. It adds the natural beauty and also set a beautiful background for them. Well, I have also admit that my friend Anna is a beauty herself. Her smiles were so sweet which contribute to the beauty of the shoot.

I would really thank my friend for sharing this with me and allow me to post. Wish she can lead a happy happy marriage life. Guys, let’s just transform the sexy bikini to the sweet wedding photography. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Celebrity Bikini Fashion for Summer

It has been the time of the year again!!! Have you ever been to the beach to get the most of the summer feeling? As you may know, the Hollywood’s stars may be hitting the sand and exposing their enviable figure with latest bikini fashion.

We common people may not own such well curves like Scarlett Johansson or Rihanna or so. But the good news is that we can still be charming and look like a star in those suits. Check the chic bikinis below for a celebrity-style at beach for a summer day.

The black and gold bikini buckled in Heidi Klum just looks modern.

Love Rihanna’s choice love this little white suit: white hot cutout two-piece.

The oceanic hue is really the color for the summer! The blue one is beautiful!

The bright yellow stripes on it makes this bikini set hot and sporty!

Jeannifer Lopez worked her ultra famous figure in a pastel print design.

 (Please note that the pictures from the post are from Instyle)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wonderful Floral Combination for Summer

Hello lovelies! It’s Wednesday today, the middle of the week! How was everything going? Hope everything goes well. Do you ever try to do the braided bun hairstyle that shared last time? If what I shared last time may call for your practice, the feel relax today. What you should do for today is just enjoy!

I found some wonderful collections on polyvore for this summer. And I can not help sharing with you all. As you may know, this is cathy’s

Polyvore is a site all about fashion items and the combination. It aims to inspiring the most majority of ladies. Actually, there are many young girls would spend some time go through the site for the daily wear inspiration and fashion sense enhancement The theme for today would be the flora in summer.

As you may know, floral would be the necessary element for fashion. Girls just do love flowers. Take a look at the following three combination and enjoy!

Floral chiffon skirt wiht lace collar + pink heels with bow
chiffon mint top + pink floral skirt + pink hollow-out heels
                                     blue floral dress + nude peep toes

Which combination do you like among the above three? If you do love them, let me know, i will sure share more in the future days!!
(Please note that the pictures are from:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Make Knotted Braided Buns Hairstyle

For long hair girls, here comes a good hairstyle for you: knotted braided buns hairstyle. As a matter of fact, this kind of hairstyle is mostly created for the show and stayed mostly hidden on the runway. But it can still be translated into an everyday style for everyone.

Now, you can follow the how-to-do steps and make a style by your own.

Step one: create a centre parting staring from your middle of forehead to the nape of your neck.

Step two: leave a few strands of hair out from both two side, especially the ones that frame your face. This is saved for the final finishings, do not use it in the following step.

Step three: pull the two sections back into a ponytail on either side. Make sure that you keep it close to your neck. Secure them with elastic band. 

Step four, now begin braiding the ponytail into a traditional 3-strand plait. After you braid to the end of the hair, secure it with elastic band. Please aware that you should not leave too much hair out, rather, keep braiding till the end.

Step five: wrap the plait in a circle around the origin of the ponytail. For secure it, the u-shaped bobby pin can be fixed. Do it the same on the other side.

Step six: spray some amount of finishing spray to keep flyaways. By doing so, the hairstyle is almost done. I am sure that you are going be the spotlight of the crowd.

 (Please note that the pictures are from:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Four Varieties of Peplums for Summer

The peplums are seen as a trend these days by fashion editors. Are you ready to wear it to be the spotlight among the crowd? Here are top four varieties of peplums that worth try this season.

1.     Peplum tops: It is considered as the most versatile way to add a peplum into your own fashion collection. Either a various bottoms or pencil skirt will do well when working with the peplum top. You wouldn’t have to hold your stomach in, as a peplum would sit just over the top of your high-waisted skirt.


2.     Peplum dresses: A peplum dress must be structured, streamlined and flattering to your body type. If the peplum is too large or ambitious in its shape, it can look too costumey and comical.Besides, some subtle accents of fabric on either sides of the waist will help enhance the whole effect.

3.    Peplum skirts: First of all, skirt may be different from dresses. The peplum skirt can creat the illusion of perfect symmetry on the body. The fabric overlaying the hips makes them seem proportionate to the shoulders. One more tip, let the peplum skirt take centre stage in your wardrobe by styling it with a plain singlet.

4.    Peplum swimsuits: Hooary it is the summer season!!! How can it less a swimsuit? The style is extremely fun and girly for the beach in this season. Since you come to the beach, there is not much to hide, the peplum would just serves as an accessory on the bikini bottoms. Enjoy summer!

(Please note that the pictures are from:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer New Favorite Accessory: Bike

With the days become hotter and hotter, do you feel that summer is coming? Weather a tour around the beach or taking a bite of watermelon is necessary for summer. And as to the fashion lovers, there is a new summer necessary:bike.

There are lots of stylish bicycles spotted on the street. What’s more if the bike is with a fashion trend setter, the effect is even more obvious. So a fashion editor even comes to the conclusion that this classic mode of transport is the new must-have accessory for summer! The fashionable girls are accenting their ethereal skirt or short shorts with the chic two wheelers.

Meanwhile, the floppy sunhat, hands-free bag, or a pair of chic sunglasses is the accessory to complete the summer look. Take a look at some of the chic summer looks with bike created by Alexa Chung, Keri Russell and etc.

The perfect finishing touch for any afternoon bike trip is a pair of modern, cat-eye sunglasses.

Keri Russell.Shade yourself from the sun's harsh rays with a wide-brimmed floppy hat.

Put the pedal to the metal with a pair of neon sandals.

Complement a girly beach cruiser with a below-the-knee skirt in a pretty floral print.

Erin Fetherston.Pick a bicycle in a bright summer hue.

Beat the summer heat in a pair of denim cutoffs.

(please note that the pictures are from:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweet Flower Girl Dresses

The flower girls make an essential part of a wonderful and happy wedding. They are just little cute and let you can not help for in love with it. With a beautiful flower girl dress, the little girls will be even more lovely and adorable.

Let’s have a look at some of the little angles that found on Brides.

They're just so darn adorable! A simple color, a fun style and the girls look like they're having a ball. Not a bad combination. The DIY wands are a cute touch too!

Below girly Zahara will love the yellow bow on this satin dress.

This shabby chic flower dress is perfect for little Vivienne. We love the simplicity of the dress and the youthfulness of its too-cute tutu.

A flower crown accented with lace and ribbons is the perfect nod to mom's free-spirited ways.

What’s your feeling for the set of flower girl dresses? Which is your favorite? Share with us.
(Please note that the pictures above are from Brides)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sweet Felice Vita Colorful Collection

Felice Vita is a popular wedding brand based in Japan. Its products mainly cover wedding dresses, wedding apparel and wedding jewelry and etc. They are lots of people are the big fan of it both in Japan and other countries.

It can be said that the main style of Felice Vita is sweet and princess-like. This is also an obvious character for many Japanese apparel brand. Therefore, lots of sweet colors are often applied in to it. For example, pale pink, blue and are the most common. As for the silhouette, the ball gown style is the most common which is can add the princess-like touch to the whole dress.

I think most girls would dream a princess dream in her mind. If you are also the girl with a princess dream, you are likely to love Felice Vita color dresses collection.

Left: Blue strapless gown adorned with white lace applique on the bodice.

The bright colors and asymmetrical ruffles emphasise the whole dress.

Pretty pale pink and light green gowns with halter straps and appliqued flowers.

Right: Romantic purple dress with oblique appliqué accents