Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zuhair Murad Spring & Summer 2012 Wedding Dresses

Stylist Zuhair Murad comes from Beirut, Lebanon. For Zuhair Murad, his career starts from his childhood hobby-drawing on the wall and on the canvas. Zuhair Murad once said: “when I was a child, I like my imagination for customers with my own design. Lebanon enjoys bright history and it is famous for its complicated and exquisite handicraft. All these precious cultures all contribute me to indulge in luxury and design work.”

Zuhair Murad is very active in fashion Lord shows-Paris, and also he is a leading figure of the Lebanon fashion design group. Zuhair Murad is regarded to initiate modern the "extravagant dress". Elegant and luxurious baroque style is considered as Zuhair Murad’s characters. "Elegant" lies in its design, on the line of concise clipping gentle, "costly" of Arab descent, the necessity, the use of the fabric and accessories set do costly, pursue perfection.

Let’s have a show of Zuhair Murad Spring & Summer 2012 wedding dress. While enjoy the grand show, we can also get closer to Zuhair Murad.


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