Friday, March 30, 2012

To-die-for wedding veils

Get excited about the wedding? Congratulations that you are finally there!!! Do you get your wedding dress ready? How about the wedding veil? Are you going to wear it on your big day with the gown?

The wedding veil is worn by many brides when walking down the aisle in the church. It can add a sense of coziness and mystery of the bride. It always symbolizes pureness, which represents the angelic sanctity of the bride. Meanwhile, it is believed that the bride would surely have the eternal happiness since she has worn this robe.

The various materials and designs can make various veils. Here let’s look at some of the vintage,To-die-for wedding veils. Hope you can like it and get inspiration from it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Simple & elegant hairstyle for bride

Today more and more bride demands perfection in all details of the big day. However, it would be sometimes a little hard to make all of this. In this way, it would be a good idea to “relax” a little bit when it comes to the hairstyle.

Let us take a look at some of the simple yet delicate style created by famous hairstylist. Each of these looks below is easily re-created and if there is a little help from a friend it would be much more better!

The Swirled-Open Chignon – seen at Christos. “At Christos, we wanted to accentuate the young, modern, clean looks with a twist on the classdonut. We took inspiration from the typical ballerina bun, but softened it by adding texture and a bit of lift to the crown and sides.” explains Giuntoli.ic bun, creating a looser folded.

The Accessorized Updo – seen at Kenneth Poole: “We had a quick turnaround time between Christos and Kenneth Pool, so to easily create a more elaborate look to reflect the added glamour in the line, we tightened the bun and added a large flower orrnation, which instantly gave the look added sophistication to make a bigger, more flirty statement” said Giuntoli.

Textured French Pleat with Height – seen at Amsale: “we returned to the classic French pleat, but put a modern spin on it; think Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but a little deconstructed and some extra attitude.” 

Try it yourself and make sure you pick the right hairstyle that fits your dress. And Have a fun big day!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Take your sweet slice

Planning for the wedding? Do you get your dessert ready? The dessert may be necessary for a wedding. So never miss it.

Maybe you have seen a lot of yummy and beautifully-designed cakes on wedding themed shots. Have you ever seen these: The cake box? Very delicate and sweet!!! Love the idea so much. If you are also preparing for your wedding, you can consider this. Or at least, you can get inspiration from it.

Here they come!!! Dang! Dang! Dang! Take your slice

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Friday, March 23, 2012

The silhouette of wedding dress

There will be no one who will deny the importance of a wedding dress a bride wear on her wedding. A right choice of the bridal gown will make the bride even more shining and beautiful. That’s why many brides attach great importance to it.

When it comes to the wedding dress selection, the silhouette matters. Because the silhouette may set the tone of the whole appearance. So let us have a look at some of the most typical silhouette of wedding dresses.

As the name suggests, this kind of silhouette has some connection with character A. Because it looks like the upper character A, with slim bodies and a little open skirt. This kind of dress is simple in the whole design. And one of the big advantage is that it can well flatter any type of body shape.

The ball gown
Admit or not, the ball gown style is always popular in the wedding dress industry. Because the grand skirt will always make it elegant. This type of wedding dress can better hide the hip and the legs.

The mermaid
This style enjoyed the fame of the most sexy silhouette. The whole style is like a mermaid with a slight in the legs. The good news is that it can well emphasize a bride’s feminine body shape. However, this kind of style may not be appropriate for every one. Because it has more strict requirement on the bride’s figure.

The golden rule of choosing a wedding dress is choose according to your very own body shape. Hope these information will be helpful for you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Color the bridesmaid dresses!!!

Excited with the wedding ceremony coming soon? Do you got the details ready? For example, how many bridesmaids are you going to invited? Who are they? Do you got the bridesmaid dresses ready? If not, take a look at this.

Unlike the wedding dress the bride wear, the bridesmaid dresses have more options as to colors. You can choose red, yellow, blue, green, purple, or other colors you may like. Just got remember, try not to choose the same with the bridal gown. It may be seen as inappropriate.

The below bridesmaid dresses may offer as some inspiration to the color choice of the bridesmaid dresses. Definitely gorgous!!! Color your bridesmaid dresses as beautiful as these too!

Red bridesmaid dresses

black bridesmaid dresses

blue bridesmaid dresses

pink bridesmaid dresses

yellow bridesmaid dresses

Four great wedding bouquet ideas

There are many things that are necessary for a wedding. A piece of delicate wedding dress,a pair of elegant wedding shoes. And yes, never miss a wedding bouquet!

Maybe the bouquet is just a small part of the whole wedding planing, however, it do play an important role. As you can see that, a beautifully arranged bouquet can always flatter the bride better and even the whole wedding. Cause the bride can always be the spotlight of the wedding, and the bouquet may be the spotlight of the bride.

Meanwhile, usually a bouquet is said to bring happiness and bless to people who received in the bride’s throw segment. Do you ever received a bouquet?

Below are some great wedding bouquet ideas to love with. Which do you like best? We would be glad if you share your opinion with us.

No.1 Black Tie Bouquets: Anemones
A tailored yet poetic bouquet of anemones, with their true-black centers and white sweet peas, is cinched with a wide black-velvet band and narrow dotted ribbon. 

No.2 Something Blue
As innocent as a white bouquet, these plump grape-hyacinth and delicate lavender florets are dressed with a mauve silk handle; a pin adorned with a lavender glass bead secures the ribbon on top. 

NO.3 Blushing Beauties
This lush bouquet is made of pink cabbage roses gathered at their fullest from Martha's East Hampton garden. 

No.4 Warm Whites
In this asymmetrical bouquet, barely yellow double narcissus mingle among classic white narcissus with yellow cups and tubular freesias that have golden throats. Adding to the appeal, the freesias smell lightly sweet, while the narcissus have a heady fragrance. Wide and narrow-striped grosgrain ribbons with a pinned-on vintage button tie the tailored mix.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Raining day visted…

Oops, there is a little rain in the today.  However I guess there are definitely many people would hold wedding on raining day right? Do not worry about the rain, rather embrace it!

Do you know, there is a saying goes the rain on your wedding is a symbol of good luck. So never never let the rain ruin your wedding day. Embrace it!!! To the matter of fact, the rainy day can not make some beautiful shots with the soft lighting, but also creates some unique fun that may never have in the sunny days.

Go out for some fun with colorful umbrella and rain boots to match the bride and the bridesmaids. The picture will turn out to be definitely fresh and fun. If you do not believe it, below is the proof.
Do you love it? Surely there may be even more fun ideas for rain days wedding. All we have to do is to explore it and enjoy it.

raining wedding