Thursday, July 19, 2012

Add Aqua Colors to Wardrobe

Happy Friday! The five days work finally comes to an end and the weekend is coming! I guess most of you would be in a light mood as me. So how about talk about some fashion style that is happy and delightful?

The summer season is always a season for the beach and sea. A lot of people would plan a summer holiday on the beach. So sometimes the time on the beach is always meant happy and fun. Thus the aqua colors which symbolize the sea and beach are very popular for the summer season.

It would be great if you add your wardrobe with some fantastic aqua colors inspired from the ocean. The subdued hues of turquoise will make you dream of the crystal clear water in the Aegean Sea. Besides, the color shades that are a little darker with a hint of green will you on a journey to the Nordic waters.

However, if you just did not satisfy with this, you can add some different shades of aqua colors no matter with the garment or accessory. In sum, you would be an aqua goddess in it!

Check some of the most popular aqua colored items this season!

                                                   Blue silk 'Audrey' Dress

                Turquoise washed-silk sleeveless dress with a knot detail at one shoulder.

                                          Blue floral mesh back maxi dress

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