Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top 10 Vogue Cover Models

Vogue is considered as the fashion bible. Can you imagine that vogue is 120 years old now? The year 2012 marks the 120the anniversary of Vogue’s first issue. The magazine made it first issue in 1892. It is really crazy!

Therefore in honor of this massive achievement, the the heralded fashion glossy has released a list of the 10 most prominently featured faces on its cover over the past 12 decades. We always love looking at retro Vogue covers and imagining a time when magazines cost only 30¢, so the compilation was a total treat to us.

Behold, Vogue’s most tried and true cover girls of all time:
1. Lauren Hutton, 26 covers
2. Jean Shrimpton, 20
3. Karen Graham, 20
4. Cindy Crawford, 18
5. Claudia Schiffer, 16
6. Jean Patchett, 16
7. Amber Valletta, 16
8. Veruschka, 12
9. Gisele Bündchen, 11
10. Kate Moss, 8

Take a look at some of the top vogue cover model!

Who do you think has been the most memorable Vogue cover girl?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Three Great Ways to Wear Maxi

Hi guys, long time no see. Miss you guys so much and I hope there would be someone who miss meJ  I must apologize for the long miss. I hope you do not blame me, cause I was going back home these days to deal with some stuffs. So I almost do not have time to post and share.

Well, lucky, I get things done and I am back! Let’s welcome. LOL. Today cathy bring something that really beautiful nice to you all: top 3 ways to wear your heartest maix dress.

Maxi style did not come to popular until recent years. And nowadays maxi dress becomes one of the perfect summer wear and never goes out of the fashion arena.

Some great fashion bloggers presents us 3 greatest ways to wear the maix skirt. The first style is pale and light maxi for an ethereal look. The second is the printed maxi style that will surely get you noticed! The following is the trendy bright colors! Thanks to these great bloggers! Which style do you like most?

photos via Freesia, Love Blair, Kay Kay

Monday, August 6, 2012

Must-have Summer Accessories

Summer has already walked her 1/3 way every year. If you still don’t have the two items (handbag and sandals.) below, you are out of date for summer fashion.

Sandals are necessary for shopping, beach BBQ, office look at summer. No matter your scandals have heavy heels or not, you need bright color or stylish style. Simple design is the best to show your toes with colorful nail polishes.

1) ASOS Sandals -Silk-cotton and resin: colors are fashionable, heavy sole is so cool and make you look taller.

2) Cynthia Vincent Sandals -Embroidered leather: black color with some pattern prints, very classic and chic.

3) Ivanka Trump Wedges-Cotton, leather and raffia: The fresh color suits for beach. Natural and cool style.

4)Splendid Sandals-Leather: Orange color and simple design, easy to match all summer outfits.

Handbags made of different fabric and printed various hues are the weapons to display your personality. Changing the length of strips, you can change your look with the same bag. Budget way, isn’t it?

From left to right:

1) Rebecca Minkoff Tote; Straw with patent leather: brown and orange, very suitable for your long dress.

2)American Eagle Outfitters Tote; Cotton with faux leather

3) Straw Studios Hobo Bag Straw with PVC strap: love the design and the pattern.