Monday, July 23, 2012

Fresh & Elegant Louise Della

Hello lovelies! Really hot summer days here. Cathy would like to kindly remind you all to keep cool in the hot days and always take careJ

Let’s come to today’s topic. Today I found a collection of fresh and elegant apparel in I love it so much and as you may know, I am always generous to share good stuffs with others instead of keep it to my ownJ

The Louise Della is a charming and colorful boutique in Paris. It is a welcoming place where you can tempt to buy everything. The designer of Louise Della is label Blandine. She is a very charming woman. What I admire her most is her concentration on the work and the fashion career. She said in the interview that she need to be alone much of the day otherwise she maybe distracted by other’s presence.

When comes to the question of elegance, she also has her own interpretation. She thinks that elegance means being natural, feeling beautiful from inside and knowing how wear a garment, to ensure that the silhouette is highlighting even if the garment in question is somehow eccentric. Elegance is also a question of voice, posture, and how you smile. How well said!

Take a look at some of Louise Della designs.

Photographer:Louise Della's collection (c)Cecile de Corniquet

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