Monday, June 25, 2012

The Sweet Wedding Shoot of A Friend

Hello lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I got good news to share with you. One of my best friends is engaged and going to have their wedding ceremony this October! Congratulations! I really feel glad about their good news. Hope they can make a sweet and happy marriage life.

And also I got the good news number 2. Their wedding photography is done. And she shared with me!!! Very beautiful shoots! So again I got the new and original element to share with you all.

Actually, they are very lucky to take the shoot in the spring season when flowers are in blossom. So you can find that are many flower elements in the set of the photography. It adds the natural beauty and also set a beautiful background for them. Well, I have also admit that my friend Anna is a beauty herself. Her smiles were so sweet which contribute to the beauty of the shoot.

I would really thank my friend for sharing this with me and allow me to post. Wish she can lead a happy happy marriage life. Guys, let’s just transform the sexy bikini to the sweet wedding photography. Enjoy!

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