Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Four Varieties of Peplums for Summer

The peplums are seen as a trend these days by fashion editors. Are you ready to wear it to be the spotlight among the crowd? Here are top four varieties of peplums that worth try this season.

1.     Peplum tops: It is considered as the most versatile way to add a peplum into your own fashion collection. Either a various bottoms or pencil skirt will do well when working with the peplum top. You wouldn’t have to hold your stomach in, as a peplum would sit just over the top of your high-waisted skirt.


2.     Peplum dresses: A peplum dress must be structured, streamlined and flattering to your body type. If the peplum is too large or ambitious in its shape, it can look too costumey and comical.Besides, some subtle accents of fabric on either sides of the waist will help enhance the whole effect.

3.    Peplum skirts: First of all, skirt may be different from dresses. The peplum skirt can creat the illusion of perfect symmetry on the body. The fabric overlaying the hips makes them seem proportionate to the shoulders. One more tip, let the peplum skirt take centre stage in your wardrobe by styling it with a plain singlet.

4.    Peplum swimsuits: Hooary it is the summer season!!! How can it less a swimsuit? The style is extremely fun and girly for the beach in this season. Since you come to the beach, there is not much to hide, the peplum would just serves as an accessory on the bikini bottoms. Enjoy summer!

(Please note that the pictures are from:http://www.fashionising.com)

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