Thursday, May 24, 2012

Unique and Romantic Fireman Wedding Photography That Hits the Net

What kind of wedding photography do you think is the most beautiful? Fashion? Classic? Vintage? Or luxurious? On May 23th a newly married couple in Chengdu China showed their wedding photography. And soon it rocked the internet. What’s it that can be so popular?

The hero of the wedding photography is a fireman in Chengdu. He chose to shot his wedding photography in the fire base. In the shot, various fire-fighting equipments, firemen colleagues, lovely rescue dogs contribute a lot. Set off by the unique fire characters, the bride is even more pretty and beautiful.

The netizens vigorously discussed the set of wedding photography. They all praise for this kind of wedding shot. And they said that this is so different from the all in the same key wedding photography from the wedding photography studio. And some people even shows that they also wanna make such an wedding photography which would be memorable and romantic forever.

As for the heroine of the shot, the brides said that this is the very first time she saw her husband do something romantic. And it will be unforgettable in lifetime. Let’s enjoy the romantic fireman wedding show!

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