Monday, May 7, 2012

Celebrity Style-----Blake Lively

Who is Blake Lively?
Is it possible to not have a bit of a crush on Blake Lively? Signs point to no—but we're not the only ones who are smitten! Vogue's impenetrable Anna Wintour seems to be quite taken with this golden girl, giving her the magazine's coveted cover twice in the last two years (and a third turn is reportedly in the works).
As an American actress and model, Blake Lively stars as Serena van der Woodsen in the television teen drama series Grossip Girl that as one of our favorite shows has resumed its primetime programming.

Why Blake Lively is so hot?

One of the things we find most fantastic about Lively's signature sartorial sensibilities is her ability to pick out a truly unique and eye-catching dress, flawlessly accent it with a lust-worthy pair of heels, and subsequently polish off the whole ensemble with some knockout jewels.
When considering the actress' personal style, it's definitely worth noting that she has a penchant for killer, ripped-from-the-runway outfits that endlessly flatter her enviable figure. Lively's selections are decidedly of-the-moment, but they are also, in a certain way, quite classic too.

Lively has also helped pioneer the pony-braid as an essential eveningwear accompaniment, her overall beauty look is effortless and lets her shiny blonde locks and radiant visage shine through.


Now, Blake Lively Style serves to provide all fashionistas with the beautiful clothes that can be spotted on the American actress and model Blake Lively.,
It's this vibrant mix of youthful energy and straightforward, accessible personal style that make the lovely Lively the perfect subject for today's Style Spotli

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