Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Simple & elegant hairstyle for bride

Today more and more bride demands perfection in all details of the big day. However, it would be sometimes a little hard to make all of this. In this way, it would be a good idea to “relax” a little bit when it comes to the hairstyle.

Let us take a look at some of the simple yet delicate style created by famous hairstylist. Each of these looks below is easily re-created and if there is a little help from a friend it would be much more better!

The Swirled-Open Chignon – seen at Christos. “At Christos, we wanted to accentuate the young, modern, clean looks with a twist on the classdonut. We took inspiration from the typical ballerina bun, but softened it by adding texture and a bit of lift to the crown and sides.” explains Giuntoli.ic bun, creating a looser folded.

The Accessorized Updo – seen at Kenneth Poole: “We had a quick turnaround time between Christos and Kenneth Pool, so to easily create a more elaborate look to reflect the added glamour in the line, we tightened the bun and added a large flower orrnation, which instantly gave the look added sophistication to make a bigger, more flirty statement” said Giuntoli.

Textured French Pleat with Height – seen at Amsale: “we returned to the classic French pleat, but put a modern spin on it; think Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but a little deconstructed and some extra attitude.” 

Try it yourself and make sure you pick the right hairstyle that fits your dress. And Have a fun big day!!!!

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