Friday, March 23, 2012

The silhouette of wedding dress

There will be no one who will deny the importance of a wedding dress a bride wear on her wedding. A right choice of the bridal gown will make the bride even more shining and beautiful. That’s why many brides attach great importance to it.

When it comes to the wedding dress selection, the silhouette matters. Because the silhouette may set the tone of the whole appearance. So let us have a look at some of the most typical silhouette of wedding dresses.

As the name suggests, this kind of silhouette has some connection with character A. Because it looks like the upper character A, with slim bodies and a little open skirt. This kind of dress is simple in the whole design. And one of the big advantage is that it can well flatter any type of body shape.

The ball gown
Admit or not, the ball gown style is always popular in the wedding dress industry. Because the grand skirt will always make it elegant. This type of wedding dress can better hide the hip and the legs.

The mermaid
This style enjoyed the fame of the most sexy silhouette. The whole style is like a mermaid with a slight in the legs. The good news is that it can well emphasize a bride’s feminine body shape. However, this kind of style may not be appropriate for every one. Because it has more strict requirement on the bride’s figure.

The golden rule of choosing a wedding dress is choose according to your very own body shape. Hope these information will be helpful for you.

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