Friday, March 16, 2012

Raining day visted…

Oops, there is a little rain in the today.  However I guess there are definitely many people would hold wedding on raining day right? Do not worry about the rain, rather embrace it!

Do you know, there is a saying goes the rain on your wedding is a symbol of good luck. So never never let the rain ruin your wedding day. Embrace it!!! To the matter of fact, the rainy day can not make some beautiful shots with the soft lighting, but also creates some unique fun that may never have in the sunny days.

Go out for some fun with colorful umbrella and rain boots to match the bride and the bridesmaids. The picture will turn out to be definitely fresh and fun. If you do not believe it, below is the proof.
Do you love it? Surely there may be even more fun ideas for rain days wedding. All we have to do is to explore it and enjoy it.

raining wedding

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