Thursday, April 19, 2012

Warm Gift from Grandma

It was raining continuously outside. And it seems that there is no sign of the stop of the rain. Such a weather and environment would always make me miss home.

I have left home and work outside for almost half a year. You know that, because of the busy work, I have no time to go back home. Suddenly a sense of sadness occupied my minds. However I do not want myself indulge into this kind of low state.

In this time, I think of the warm gift from my grandma in the Chinese new year : a warm pair of shoe for winter at home.

They were completely handmade by my lovely grandma. Maybe it is not so delicate and fine as those sold at stores. However, I think it is cute and warm. My dear grandma thank you so much. I really like it. I will come back home to vist you as soon as possible. Here are the looks of the shoes.

shoes from grandma

shoes from grandma
shoes from grandma

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