Friday, August 24, 2012

Three Great Ways to Wear Maxi

Hi guys, long time no see. Miss you guys so much and I hope there would be someone who miss meJ  I must apologize for the long miss. I hope you do not blame me, cause I was going back home these days to deal with some stuffs. So I almost do not have time to post and share.

Well, lucky, I get things done and I am back! Let’s welcome. LOL. Today cathy bring something that really beautiful nice to you all: top 3 ways to wear your heartest maix dress.

Maxi style did not come to popular until recent years. And nowadays maxi dress becomes one of the perfect summer wear and never goes out of the fashion arena.

Some great fashion bloggers presents us 3 greatest ways to wear the maix skirt. The first style is pale and light maxi for an ethereal look. The second is the printed maxi style that will surely get you noticed! The following is the trendy bright colors! Thanks to these great bloggers! Which style do you like most?

photos via Freesia, Love Blair, Kay Kay

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